Ethel Moore

Type Design for Hung Up by Hunter Harris

Logo for Of Other Worlds

Food Combining Wheel for Lemon Water

Social media patterns and assets for Rainbo, with existing branding by the wonderful Design of Brand.

Photo illustrations for Dimepiece.

Animations for imagined soap collaborations with Redoux’s favorite brands and tastemakers. Team: Asia Grant, Carolyn Balch, David Eardley, and Alejando Villalba.

Internet Princess logo for Rayne Fisher-Quann

Ethel Moore is a graphic designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY at Instrument on all things Nike 🙂. She also freelances.

Tribeca Film Festival, Casper, Phoebe Collings-James, Rainbo, Brightland, Lemon Water, Dimepiece,Redoux, Substack
Art Direction, Branding/Visual Identity, Type Design, Editorial Illustration